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A Conversation With Weigh The Anchor’s Andrew Zamora

By Kyle Erickson

Photo by Quade Beltran.

Weigh The Anchor, a pop punk band from Oakville, Ontario, has released their propulsive third EP, Right At Home, on July 10th. I spoke to singer Andrew Zamora just before its release and talked about the group’s origins, the new EP, making relatable music, and why the band is better than ever before.

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Weigh The Anchor – Right At Home

By Samuel Stevens

Release Date: July 10, 2020

Genre: Pop Punk

Label: Independent

The rising Canadian pop punk band, Weigh The Anchor, from Oakville, Ontario have returned with the release of their powerful third EP, Right At Home. Since the bands formation in 2016, the band has gone through many changes, including a recent line up change that has left the band as a three piece consisting of, vocalist Andrew Zamora, guitarist Brad Gresko, and drummer Brendan Lennard. These changes caused the band to refine their sound the slightlest, by taking the old sound as heard on their two previous EPs, True Colours and Different Ways, and twisting it with what the sound that they felt fit them the most. Weigh The Anchor are still a pop punk band and debut what is best described as a polished version of what they believe is their true self on their newest effort, Right At Home.

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