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EXCLUSIVE: Stream Ty Shore’s New Heavy Single, Riot

The song, “Riot” is about being so fed up about the life you’re living because you can’t find that happiness you’re searching for while people demand and expect so much from you. Something that myself and featuring artist, Spiff (Ethan Matthews) can very much relate to.

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Q&A With Ty Shore Music

By Samuel Stevens

Ty Shore Music
Tyler Shore Music – 05/5/18 – Photo by Samuel Stevens Photography.

You use your real name, Ty Shore in your musical moniker of Ty Shore Music. Why did you go this route, rather than using something unrelated to your name or even a nickname, a lot like famous rappers and alike have for many years?

After searching so long for stage names, I decided to use my real name so someday when I make it people will see my name up there. This way the people who didn’t believe in me see my name in the lights knowing I achieved my dreams.

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