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I’m Not Ready To Let Go

Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine
Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine — June 22, 2019

By Samuel Stevens

Music has been a huge part of my life in many ways for as long as I can remember, but live music has a much bigger part of my heart than anything else. So it was egregiously saddening that on the night of December 8th, while I was scrolling through Instagram for a better part of twenty-five minutes, I saw a post from a fellow Winnipeg photographer Joey Senft. Senft was The Garrick’s house photographer for the past fifteen years. Joey’s post was bidding farewell to her position and the historic Winnipeg music venue itself, which has now closed down permanently -this time, the venue has fallen victim to COVID-19. Days following scrolling to the post, I wanted to make a post on my social media pages about my favourite concert venue, but I couldn’t find the words to fit within a character limit. That brings us to this writing about all the concerts and memories I’ve shared within The Garrick.

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When Broken 15 Easily Fixed

By Samuel Stevens

Silverstein with guests Hawthorne Heights, As Cities Burn, Capstan, and Alone I Walk

January 20, 2019

The Garrick

Alone I Walk - Cody McManus
Alone I Walk. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

Manitoba’s own, Alone I Walk, was selected to join the touring line up for the Winnipeg date and kicked the night off just right. Alone I Walk is made up of the brother duo, Franky and Pascal Courcelles, along side their fellow Canadian musicians Shane Tasker and Cody McManus from the band Bellevue. The group performed tracks from their 2018 album, Wander, as well as material off their first album Lost At Sea and their EP, Already Lost. Since the release last year of the wildly popular album Wander, the band has embarked on two tours of North America and has fairly earned their spots opening for PVRIS in April 2018 and now for Silverstein on the band’s When Broken Is Easily Fixed 15th Anniversary Tour.

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THE DEAD REFLECTION TOUR: Silverstein, Seaway, Cedar Green

By Samuel Stevens

DSC_0944 copy.jpg
Cedar Green Vocalist, Joey Volpe. Photo by Samuel Stevens Photography.

The recent drop of temperature in Winnipeg, plus the recent snowfall wasn’t stopping fans from coming out to see some of their favorite bands perform on a Tuesday night. The show was opened up by the debuting local band, Nice Cops. Nice Cops delivered a fun set full of powerful and catchy Pop Punk tunes.

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