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Talking The Wonder of Music and Life with Red Herring’s Enrico Renz

By Kyle Erickson

Photo by Elizabeth Clark-Lazin

Vancouver progressive rock/art-rock band Red Herring is back together after going their separate ways in the mid-80s. Now they are revitalized by their connection and their desire to make adventurous music and have just released their EP Neon on all the major streaming platforms as well as physically. I hopped on Zoom to talk to the lead singer and lyricist Enrico Renz last week, which was an absolute delight. Enrico is intelligent, passionate, curious about life and music, and we discussed the history of Red Herring as well as Enrico’s history, and what to expect from Neon.

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Red Herring – Neon EP

By Samuel Stevens

Release Date: November 6, 2020

Genre: Progressive Rock, Art-Rock

Label: Independent

Vancouver’s progressive rock/art-rock band Red Herring return with their new six-song collection of music in thirty-five years. The band released their 1985 debut EP, Taste Tests, that resulted in Red Hering hitting the road for one single tour across Canada roughly a year after the release of Taste Tests. Shortly thereafter, Red Herring ultimately broke up. Since the breakup, many of the band members went on to perform or record with an assorted list of Canadian music bands/artists such as Sarah McLachlan, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Veda Hille, and Ray Condo. Red Herring regrouped in 2013 and since been working on what is their EP Neon. It’s also worth noting that the complete original lineup consisting of vocalist/guitarist Enrico Renz, guitarist Stephen Nikleva, bassist Martin Walton, drummer Steve Lazin, keyboardist Id Guinness, and backing vocalist Tania Gosgnach, all have returned for the recording of the EP.

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