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Interview With Tunic’s David Schellenberg

By Samuel Stevens

Photo courtesy of Adam Kelly.

On April 9th, Winnipeg’s very own noise-punk trio Tunic released their second album, Exhaling, though Artoffact Records. Approximately two weeks before the release of Exhaling, I spoke with vocalist and guitarist David Schellenberg to discuss the band’s new album, why they included their previous album, Complexion, on the record, the band’s sound, influences, touring, and much more.

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Interview With Blacklist Royals’ Nat Rufus

By Kyle Erickson

Folk-Punk band Blacklist Royals are getting ready to return with the release of their new EP Doomsday Girl, out April 2nd on Paper + Plastick. Since their last album, Die Young With Me -released in 2014- the Rufus brothers have released music with other bands, done solo projects, and are working on a film based on Rob Rufus’s memoir. Inspired from writing new music for the film, the band is better than ever and ready to reassert themselves into the world. Guitarist/singer Nat Rufus and I spoke on the phone to discuss the new EP, the band’s history, who should play Nat in the film, and what’s upcoming next for them. 

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Interview With Elder Abuse Frontman Alex Guidry

By Samuel Stevens

Photo by Hold Fast Photography

To end off 2020, Manitoba’s own Elder Abuse released a three-track teaser EP, Take It Easy, via Little Rocket Records. I had the fortunate pleasure of asking the band’s frontman Alex a handful of questions about the band’s collaboration with The Flatliners and Hot Water Music’s Chris Cresswell, the differences of their past releases to their new EP, and much more!

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Interview With UIC’s Murray Heywood

By Samuel Stevens

This past fall, Ontario DIY punk rockers UIC released their first full-length album, FM Hill, since their reformation in 2016. The band refuses to have the COVID-19 pandemic continually halting some of the momentum of their album release. Nevertheless, the band still hopes to perform a live-streamed concert in the middle of January -pending COVID restrictions- to perform their brand new album in its entirety, live from Toronto’s infamous Horseshoe Tavern. I got a chance to ask the band’s drummer Murray Heywood a series of questions about the band’s career, spanning from the beginning to all the way for what is yet to come.

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Elder Abuse – Take It Easy EP

By Samuel Stevens

Release Date: November 27, 2020

Genre: Pop-Punk, Punk Rock

Label: Little Rocket Records

Winnipeg pop-punk/punk rock quintet Elder Abuse has returned with their newest collection of music since their highly acclaimed 2017 debut album, Burnt. The Winnipeg band is made up of vocalist Alex Guidry, guitarist Michael Fardoe, guitarist Brandan McLean, drummer Max Power, and bassist Sean Kaye, and are steadily rising with every one of their releases. Elder Abuse has continued to be a staple in the Manitoba punk/pop-punk scene since their first appearance on a stage in Winnipeg circa 2012. Since making their live debut in the city, Elder Abuse has gone on to perform a slew of shows and since went on to release their 2014 debut EP Born to Lose, a split EP with Anchorless in 2016, and their aforementioned debut album Burnt in 2017.

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