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The Word Alive – Monomania

By Mikey Jablonski – @mikey.photograph

Release Date: February 21, 2020

Genre: Post-Hardcore, Metalcore, Alternative Metal

Label: Fearless Records


The Word Alive, a metalcore/post-hardcore band based out of Phoenix, Arizona has released their anticipated sixth studio record, MONOMANIA. The band continues to try and make something different with each record, which they have done since their 2014 record, Real and they kept that promise still with, MONOMANIA. A major factor for this record is they went with a different producer than Matt Good, who produced The Word Alive’s last two records, Dark Matter and Violent Noise. This time around they went with Erik Ron who has previously produced albums with Godsmack, Dance Gavin Dance, and nothing,nowhere, to name a few. This album still gives the metal vibe that you know from the band with Telle’s amazing vocal range, catchy guitar riffs, and hard drum beats.

The album starts with the title track, “MONOMANIA,” giving that new Word Alive feel to the music. With the catchy chorus, hard guitar riffs as well as Telle’s hard scream at the end, it was a beautiful first track to the album. “NO WAY OUT” starts with a different vocal range from Telle than you’re used to, if you’ve followed the band for quite some time you’ll notice it easier. It does catch you off guard for sure, but one thing that I believe should be approved upon is how much they went through the chorus in the song, as much as they did.

“SEARCHING FOR GLORY” did give the same vibe as, “NO WAY OUT,” but didn’t give that much of a repetitiveness. What I loved a lot about this track was the acoustic guitar and Telle’s vocals near the end of the track giving the track what it needed to be filled. “ANOTHER YEAR IN THE SHADOWS” is that song you hear on most records that is the ‘arena rock’ type song, but for myself, I always love those type of songs and Telle used his entire vocal range on this track. “GREATEST ALMOST” is a hard punch song with Telle’s vocal range and high tone guitar riffs, but if you’re a fan of, Dark Matter, you will love the tracks, “THANK YOU,” “K.F.” and “NUMB LOVE (MISERY II).”

“THANK YOU” has some guitar riffs that you hear from hit songs from the Dark Matter record, but what ties the song together is Telle’s vocal projection into his screams. As for “NUMB LOVE (MISERY II),” I was very skeptical for the track as I loved the song, “Misery,” a non-album single from 2017. Trying to make a sequel to a track can go great or terrible. I think The Word Alive made a great track as that intro to, “NUMB LOVE (MISERY II).” It gave me goosebumps with that hard-hitting chorus and very great guitar riffs within the track. I believe, “NUMB LOVE (MISERY II),” could’ve been its own track rather than a sequel to, “Misery.”

“K.F” is a very enjoyable track in my mind from the band. Amazing screams and more great guitar riffs. “BURNING YOUR WORLD DOWN” and the records title track, “MONOMANIA” tie this whole record together. With some of the harder guitar riffs on the record as well with Telle’s passion in his vocals, with another catchy chorus, it makes them great tracks. “COMFORT & CHAOS” is a very different song on the whole record for sure. That outro tied that song together in my mind with Telle’s clean vocals and that acoustic guitar. “I’M SORRY YOU’RE SORRY NOW” sounds like a b-side to something off, Violent Noise. I prefer something new or something with more “grab” than something that sounds like it was made for a previous release.

Finally, it all comes down to the final track, “DEATH IS ONLY THE END IF YOU ASSUME THE STORY IS ABOUT YOU.” A long song title for sure, but they played around with the soft tones of the band and with the fast hard type of song, along with a very punchy bass. “DEATH IS ONLY THE END IF YOU ASSUME THE STORY IS ABOUT YOU” goes full metal closer to the end of the track to deliver one final blow to end it off right.

The Word Alive put together another good piece of work with, MONOMANIA, for fans that thought that the, Violent Noise record wasn’t heavy enough, this record is for you. As this record was bouncing all over the place between metalcore, post-hardcore, and alternative metal. I think for the next record they have to pick one side of their sound, either go full on heavy, or show their lighter side.

When Broken 15 Easily Fixed

By Samuel Stevens

Silverstein with guests Hawthorne Heights, As Cities Burn, Capstan, and Alone I Walk

January 20, 2019

The Garrick

Alone I Walk - Cody McManus
Alone I Walk. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

Manitoba’s own, Alone I Walk, was selected to join the touring line up for the Winnipeg date and kicked the night off just right. Alone I Walk is made up of the brother duo, Franky and Pascal Courcelles, along side their fellow Canadian musicians Shane Tasker and Cody McManus from the band Bellevue. The group performed tracks from their 2018 album, Wander, as well as material off their first album Lost At Sea and their EP, Already Lost. Since the release last year of the wildly popular album Wander, the band has embarked on two tours of North America and has fairly earned their spots opening for PVRIS in April 2018 and now for Silverstein on the band’s When Broken Is Easily Fixed 15th Anniversary Tour.

Capstan - Joseph Mabry
Capstan. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

Following Alone I Walk, the progressive post-hardcore band, Capstan, hailing out of Orlando, Florida, braced the extremely bitter Winnipeg cold as well as The Garrick stage to perform for their very first time in the city. The first thing that struck my eye as the band hit The Garrick stage was that Capstan’s vocalist, Anthony DeMario walked upon the stage proudly wearing a Humboldt Broncos t-shirt to honour the victims of the horrific accident. The band performed a decent sized set of seven songs, including the tracks, “The Wreath and the Follower,” “Stars Before the Sun,” and “Wax Poetic.”

Performing after Capstan was the post-hardcore turned indie rock band, As Cities Burn. As Cities Burn brought a high octane performance from all the band’s five members on stage in their debut Winnipeg performance. As the band has never been to the city before, their seven song set was sure to include music from all three of their records, Son, I Loved You at Your Darkest, Come Now Sleep, and Hell or High Water. Some of the songs performed in front of the Winnipeg audience included, “One: Twentyseven,” “This Is It, This Is It,” “84 Sheepdog,” and their most recent single, “2020 AD.” Subsequently the track “2020 AD” was dropped in November 2018 after the band announced signing to Equal Vision Records.

As Cities Burn - Hunter Walls
As Cities Burn. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

Sporting a gigantic backdrop that read “I used to listen to Hawthorne Heights in high school,” it was no question who was up to the stage after As Cities Burn. Unlike Capstan and As Cities Burn, the Hawthorne Heights crew aren’t strangers to the city of Winnipeg and have performed in the city on multiple occasions in the past. The band is currently touring in support of their new album, Bad Frequencies. From that new record, they performed three songs during their nine song set.

Among those three was “Just Another Ghost,” a track about losing loved ones way too early in life. Vocalist, JT Woodruff had the Winnipeg audience hold up their phone flash lights during the performance of the song, which illuminated the entire venue in the bright white light of cell phone LEDs. Hawthorne Heights’ set was primarily filled with older tracks however, which contained the fan favourites, “This Is Who We Are,” “Niki FM,” and “Ohio Is for Lovers.”

Hawthorne Heights - JT Woodruff
Hawthorne Heights. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

The final act of the night was no other than the Canadian post-hardcore legends, Silverstein from Burlington, Ontario. Silverstein are far from strangers to Winnipeg, let alone all of Canada. They’ve toured their entire home country over a dozen times supporting their vast catalogue of music, from as early as 2000. The most recent time Silverstein made their way through Winnipeg was just over a year ago on November 7, 2017. The tour date was part of the band’s Canadian leg of their Dead Reflection Tour (which can be read about here).

Silverstein performed a huge twenty one song set, which was split into two halves. The first ten songs were off the bands very first album, When Broken Is Easily Fixed, which turned 15 years old last year in May. The band was joined on stage by Capstan vocalist, Anthony DeMario to perform the album’s title track, “When Broken Is Easily Fixed.” The track originally featured, Kyle Bishop of the now defunct Toronto post-hardcore band, The Black Maria.

Silverstein - Shane Told
Silverstein. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

The second half of Silverstein’s set was dubbed, “The Greatest Hits” by vocalist, Shane Told. This part of the set included a plethora of fan favourites such as, “The Afterglow,” “Smile In Your Sleep,” “Call It Karma,” “Massachusetts,” and “Discovering the Waterfront.” The bands encore was performed mostly acoustic and the songs performed were, “Aquamarine” and “My Heroine.”

While the band’s When Broken Is Easily Fixed 15th Anniversary Tour is said to be Silverstein’s only headline tour of the year, it has yet to be clarified if the band will take time off the road to start writing and recording the follow up to their 2017 album, Dead Reflection, or if they’ll be touring as an opening act on an upcoming tour bill, as the band is well known to do on occasion. Regardless of which route the band is set to take, expect to see them on the road again very soon.