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New Found Glory – Forever + Ever x Infinity

By Samuel Stevens

Release Date: June 19, 2020

Genre: Pop Punk

Label: Hopeless Records

The Florida pop punk band New Found Glory have returned to the spotlight with their highly infectious tenth album, Forever + Ever x Infinity. After twenty-three years as an active band, now having released ten studio albums, a live album, three EPs, two splits, and their four cover albums, New Found Glory have never strayed drastically from their sound. With Forever + Ever x Infinity, the band set out to write the best album they could, and achieved just that. Their tenth studio album blends every sound the band has ever incorporated in the past, resulting in an infectiously catchy piece of work front to back, with plenty sing-along anthems that feature the band’s trademark breakdowns, and their infamous style of lyricism. The band enlisted Steve Evetts (Saves the Day, The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Wonder Years) to produce the record. New Found Glory have always wanted to work with Steve Evetts, as a majority of their favourite albums they’d listen to while on the road in their touring van, were produced by Evetts.

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