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Callum Pitt – Fault Lines (Single)

By Samuel Stevens

Release Date: July 23, 2020

Genre: Folk

Label: Humble Angel Records

The singer-songwriter Callum Pitt from Newcastle upon Tyne, England has recently released his brand new single, “Fault Lines.” The powerful single may sound upbeat, catchy, and energetic, but don’t be fooled by these aspects. Callum’s lyrics on “Fault Lines” explores the strong topic of the heightened polarization within the United Kingdom’s political landscape. “Fault Lines” is directed at the UK government and the right-wing press, who have incited hatred and division in the public through their rhetoric over the past few years in particular. Callum’s goal with “Fault Lines” is to encourage the ignorance and prejudice with the UK, and around the world, to be met with education and conversation.

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