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SAUL – Rise As Equals

By Samuel Stevens

Release Date: October 23, 2020

Genre: Alternative Metal, Hard Rock

Label: Spinefarm Records

The Sutherland, Iowa based alternative metal/hard rock outfit SAUL have finally released their debut album, Rise As Equals, three years since forming in 2017. The new release marks the follow-up to last year’s Aeons EP. Since their previous EP, the band has come into their sound by pulling from distinct aspects and eras from all over the rock and metal spectrum. SAUL’s debut was co-produced by bandmates and siblings, Blake and Zach Bedsaul, alongside music producer Chris Dawson.

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Q&A With Tyler Bryant

By Kyle Erickson

Blues rockers Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown just released their fourth album, Pressure, on October 16th. The new album is a great mix of songs that elevates their song-writing skills and will satisfy long-time fans of the band as well. I had the pleasure of interviewing lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist Tyler Bryant himself about the new album and how it came about.

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Q&A With SAUL’s Zach Bedsaul

By Samuel Stevens

Zach Bedsaul, the guitarist of the alternative metal/hard rock quartet SAUL, was beyond gracious enough to answer a few questions with me about their forthcoming debut album Rise As Equals, the album’s writing process, the album’s collaborations, and some of the upcoming plans for the band when they have a bit of downtime amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown – Pressure

By Samuel Stevens

Release Date: October 16, 2020

Genre: Hard Rock, Blues Rock, Rock

Label: Spinefarm Records

Nashville blues rocker Tyler Bryant -along with his bandmates in The Shakedown- are back with their fourth full length album, Pressure. The new album was written and recorded in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and looks to take you away from the craziness in the world for as long as this band of friends can with these thirteen mesmerizing tracks. Frontman Tyler Bryant, guitarist Graham Whitford -the son of Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford- drummer Caleb Crosby, and co-producer Roger Alan Nichols (Larkin Poe, Paramore, The Veronicas) all hunkered themselves down at Tyler Bryant’s home studio in Nashville during the quarantine to write and record the follow up to their critically acclaimed album Truth & Lies, that released in the Summer of 2019.

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Palaye Royale – The Bastards

By Samuel Stevens

Release Date: May 29, 2020

Genre: Rock, Hard Rock

Label: Sumerian Records

The Juno nominated, Canadian/American rock band Palaye Royale consisting of the three brothers, Remington Leith (vocals), Emerson Barrett (drums), Sebastian Danzig (guitar), and now official members, Daniel Curcio (bass) and Andrew Martin (guitar) who after being long time touring members with the band are finally set to release their massive third full length album, The Bastards this week after a eleven month long tease. The band wrote the album in various places around the world, renting out spaces to song write, however the band recorded majority of The Bastards in the house of Ashton Irwin, the drummer for the pop punk/pop act, 5 Seconds of Summer. While Irwin was on the road touring with 5 Seconds of Summer, he let the members of Palaye Royale and crew to use a completely blacked out room that’s located in the crawlspace of his house that they used to cut some tracks for the album.

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