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Cole Shway – Sleepwalking EP

By Matt Harrison

Sleepwalking is a four track EP that puts the musical talent and lyrical poeticism of Cole Shway on display. What listeners will find on this EP is a balance of gentle harmonies as he sings with authentic passion. Shway acts as master of the strings as he plays guitar, banjo, and bass in addition to singing on each track.

The soothing fluidity of Shway’s arpeggio guitar picking style makes this EP smooth and calming to hear. The album at times sounds as though it has a brush stroke of a psychedelic nature which further entangles listeners into these poems of self discovery. 

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Winterruption 2020: Coleman Hell, The Treble, & Evangeline Gentle

By Samuel Stevens

Coleman Hell with Manitoba’s own, The Treble, and Evangeline Gentle. As part of the first annual, cross Canada music festival, Winterruption.

January 23, 2020

West End Cultural Centre

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