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Interview With Blacklist Royals’ Nat Rufus

By Kyle Erickson

Folk-Punk band Blacklist Royals are getting ready to return with the release of their new EP Doomsday Girl, out April 2nd on Paper + Plastick. Since their last album, Die Young With Me -released in 2014- the Rufus brothers have released music with other bands, done solo projects, and are working on a film based on Rob Rufus’s memoir. Inspired from writing new music for the film, the band is better than ever and ready to reassert themselves into the world. Guitarist/singer Nat Rufus and I spoke on the phone to discuss the new EP, the band’s history, who should play Nat in the film, and what’s upcoming next for them. 

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Emmie Dohse – Free Time EP

By Samuel Stevens

Release Date: August 14, 2020

Genre: Classical, Soft Pop, Folk

Label: Independent

Emmie Dohse is a singer-songwriter based out of Washington, D.C. has released her debut EP, Free Time, this past summer. Dohse’s EP unites various genres such as classical, soft pop, folk, and Americana into one collection of songs. Dohse brings a unique aspect to the genres with her unusual chord progressions and genuine, honest songs from the heart -both lyrically and musically. Dohse grew up classically trained in piano learning and performing Beethoven, Bach, and Debussy, and shortly after started writing musical pieces of her own. Eventually, Dohse got over her bigger musical fear and began to write her own lyrics and provide her voice on top of her music. Dohse’s soprano voice and musical characteristics are often compared to fellow singer-songwriters such as Allison Krauss and Sara Bareilles.

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Interview With Grievous Angels Frontman Charlie Angus

By Samuel Stevens

Photo by Raul Rincon.

Last month, I had the pleasure to speak with Charlie Angus, the frontman of the alternative country/folk band Grievous Angels. He is also a sitting federal Member of Parliament of the Timmins—James Bay district (Ontario). The band released their much anticipated eighth full-length album, Summer Before the Storm, on January 15th. We discussed the brand new album in great detail. From what differences there were from their past seven albums to now, their influences, collaborations, and much more. As well, we did touch on their storied thirty-plus long career from busking on the streets of Toronto to performing in dingy bars, all the way to touring western Canada in 2014.

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Akeem Oh – School Girl (Single)

By Samuel Stevens

Release Date: October 9, 2020

Genre: Indie Pop, Folk

Label: Oh My Records

The Ottawa, Ontario-based American-Canadian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Akeem Oh (Ouellet) has released his brand new single, “School Girl.” The new single was written about a close friend of Akeem’s who is described as an ambitious artist herself, who’s making her way through the many challenges of early adulthood. The entire track was written, recorded, with all if its instruments performed, and finally, produced by Akeem himself. The single was mixed and mastered by Philip Shaw Bova (Feist, Bahamas) at Bova Sound Lab.

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Interview With Carmanah’s Laura Mitic

By Samuel Stevens

Photo courtesy of Dani Cyr

One month ago, the Canadian folk-rock/indie rock sextet Carmanah released their genre-blending second full-length album, Iris. Recently, I spoke to the band’s frontwoman and creative mind, Laura Mitic, about the band’s new album Iris, their downtime they’ve had throughout 2020, the meaning of the band’s name, and more!

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