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Interview With Grievous Angels Frontman Charlie Angus

By Samuel Stevens

Photo by Raul Rincon.

Last month, I had the pleasure to speak with Charlie Angus, the frontman of the alternative country/folk band Grievous Angels. He is also a sitting federal Member of Parliament of the Timmins—James Bay district (Ontario). The band released their much anticipated eighth full-length album, Summer Before the Storm, on January 15th. We discussed the brand new album in great detail. From what differences there were from their past seven albums to now, their influences, collaborations, and much more. As well, we did touch on their storied thirty-plus long career from busking on the streets of Toronto to performing in dingy bars, all the way to touring western Canada in 2014.

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The White Buffalo – On The Widow’s Walk

By Samuel Stevens

Release Date: April 17, 2020

Genre: Alternative Country, Folk, Rock

Label: Snakefarm Records

Los Angeles alternative country/folk singer-songwriter, Jake Smith, or more famously known as, The White Buffalo, has returned once again with his seventh full length studio album, On The Widow’s Walk. On the album, Jake Smith is joined by Matt Lynott on drums as well as bassist Christopher Hoffe.

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A Conversation with Susto’s Justin Osborne

By Matt Harrison

It was shortly after 6:30 on a warm August evening that I sat down with Susto front man, Justin Osborne. Leading up to the interview, I sat in the empty lobby of Winnipeg’s Park Theatre, eavesdropping on a run through of ‘Jah Werx’ being performed in soundcheck while trying to look busy, shuffling papers and writing notes. Once the song wrapped up Osborne walked through half of a set of double doors and sat down to tell me a little about his band, Susto.

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Susto – & I’m Fine Today

Originally Published in Stylus Magazine, Volume 28, Issue 4

By Matt Harrison

Standing in the thirtieth row of a partially filled MTS Centre, dressed to the nines (or at least the sixes), on a narcotic propelled rocket hurtling my mind through some forgotten corridor of the cosmos is when I was first introduced to Susto. It was as though my experience was tethered to an otherworldly elastic that, at the moment of its choice, pulled me back down to earth and into my mortal self while the chorus of Susto’s Waves roared through the arena. The lights danced in unison as though they themselves were drowning waves. “It comes in waves” sang front man Justin Osborne, reminding a select few of every time they ever felt the ‘waves’ come on at the outset of what will surely be a good trip.

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