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Bayside – Acoustic Volume Three

By Samuel Stevens

Release Date: December 11, 2020

Genre: Acoustic Rock

Label: Hopeless Records

Originally, this year would’ve seen Bayside, the distinguished punk rock, pop-punk, and alternative rock band from Queens, New York, commemorate their twentieth anniversary of being a band. Alternatively, Bayside took to the recording studio earlier this year during their newfound time off in a way to keep their creative minds rolling. The band conjured up the third installment to their Acoustic series of releases. Their brand new EP, Acoustic Volume Three, features five songs. The first is a brand new track, while the remaining four tracks on the EP are acoustic reimagined versions of beloved fan favourites from their impressive, storied twenty years to date as a band.

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Adar Alfandari – How I’m Gonna Make You Mine (Single)

By Samuel Stevens

Release Date: August 25, 2020

Genre: Folk

Label: Independent

Adar Alfandari, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter from Israel is working hard on finishing up his solo debut album. In the mean time, Adar has released his third single ever, and most importantly the second off his forth coming debut album Gold Dust, that is currently scheduled for a March 2021 release. His brand new single titled, “How I’m Gonna Make You Mine,” is a slow tempo rendition that’s both heartfelt and immensely sincere. The single was produced and mixed by music producer Idan Katz, while it was mastered by Aran Lavi.

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Faouzia – Stripped EP

By Samuel Stevens

Release Date: August 6, 2020

Genre: Pop

Label: Atlantic Records

The Moroccan-Canadian singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Faouzia (pronounced FOH-ZE-UH) has released her first ever collection of music, Stripped. A compilation EP of intimate, stripped down versions of her past singles that were shed down to their bare essence. The EP collects new and refreshing takes of her fan favourite singles “How It All Works Out,” “Bad Dreams,” “Tears of Gold,” “You Don’t Even Know Me,” “Born Without A Heart,” and the brand new track, “100 Bandaids.” Some of the stripped down versions of the tracks have been previously released prior, but a few are brand new to the EP. All the tracks on Stripped were self-produced by Faouzia herself, except for “100 Bandaids,” which instead was produced by Jordan Waters.

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Ice Nine Kills – Undead & Unplugged: Live From The Overlook Hotel

By Mikey Jablonski

Release Date: June 26, 2020

Genre: Acoustic

Label: Fearless Records

Metalcore/post-hardcore band, Ice Nine Kills, based out of Boston, Massachusetts are set to release their upcoming live acoustic EP, Undead & Unplugged: Live From The Overlook Hotel. The record is based around a live acoustic set from a small crowded show in Colorado at The Stanley Hotel, where Stephen King loosely based the story in his famous novel, The Shining. The EP features five tracks from their previous album, The Silver Scream.

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Avatar Country World Tour: Avatar, Devin Townsend, Dance With The Dead, & ’68

By Samuel Stevens & Matt Harrison

Avatar with special guests, Devin Townsend, Dance With The Dead, and ’68

May 29, 2019

The Garrick

My evening began as I arrived downtown, shortly after the doors had opened and the line that would’ve formed beforehand had already been let in. Earlier in the day, I gave a quick count of all the shows I’ve been to at The Garrick over the last eleven years and I came to learn this concert was my fiftieth concert at the venue. This newfound fact made my night more enjoyable than it would’ve been otherwise.

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