Samuel Stevens

Samuel Stevens is a Winnipeg based freelance photographer that also likes to share his massive love of music. Although he suffers from a physical disability, he doesn’t let it stop him from capturing the precious moments that continue to face him down his camera lens. Rather he is capturing remarkable photos of musicians of over a vast of different genres or if it’s in his own words in his interviews, album, or concert reviews, Samuel continues to achieve Reasonably Late’s goal to support the rich music culture that furrows deep within the heart, and history, of Manitoba, and abroad.

“I reminisce to the time I’d always got a hold of my mother’s Canon 35mm film point-and-shoot camera when I was just a kid. Wasting brand new film cartridges because I was taking pictures of anything and everything around me. Learning at a young age that having the ability of capturing a moment that will last forever was a monumental achievement in why I photograph today.” – Samuel

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