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My name is Matt Harrison, and I’m a freelance writer who lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I don’t know what one might want to include in a bio about themselves, but here goes. I’m taking the year 2020 off from my university education and seek to pursue writing. I don’t even know what I mean by that. I want to spend this year living and meeting people, trying new things and submerging myself into a life worth writing about. Here’s hoping something can come from it.

If you’ve ever wondered what life on the road with a professional musician is like, check out my six part series On the Road With SUSTO. I travelled with Justin Osborne, Jordan Igoe, and Van ‘The Good’ Robinson from Chicago, through Kentucky, Nashville, Alabama, New Orleans, Georgia, and their home state of South Carolina.

Additionally, feel free to check out the music I put up on Youtube. There’ll be a few originals sprinkled in every now and again.

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