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Made In The Name of Rock N Roll Tour: One Bad Son

By Samuel Stevens

DSC_1262 copy.jpg
Shane Volk, One Bad Son Vocalist. Photo by Samuel Stevens Photography

One Bad Son, who hail from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan started the night with the most appropriate song, “Made In The Name of Rock N Roll”. The song shares the name of their brand new studio album and the band’s current and very thorough Canadian fall tour. One Bad Son’s new LP, “Made In The Name of Rock N Roll” was released back on October 13th 2017 through 604 Records.

One Bad Son performed a very impressive set featuring many new songs off their newest LP and such singles as “Raging Bull”, “Satellite Hotel”, “Retribution Blues”, “Scream For Me” to just name a few. The band also performed their infamous cover of the Talking Heads’ 1977 hit, “Psycho Killer” and Soundgarden’s 1994 hit “Spoonman”. Mentioned by vocalist, Shane Volk that Soundgarden/Audioslave front man, Chris Cornell among other of the bands influences were taken this year.

DSC_1311 copy.jpg
Kurt Dahl, One Bad Son drummer. Photo by Samuel Stevens Photography.

One Bad Son’s 90’s Seattle Grunge influence shines through their sound prominently with their mix of Grunge and Hard Rock. Shane Volk’s powerful vocals are essential in One Bad Son’s unique sound that makes them stick out in the huge cluster of the current Rock bands. The band try to push the envelope on the Rock genre with their 13 years of experience as a band, especially heard on their new released album.

Notability in the front row at the show were a few young fans which vocalist, Shane Volk made a remark that Rock N Roll isn’t dead and the younger fans at the show is proof to it as they will keep the music genre alive for the next generation.

DSC_1334 copy.jpg
Adam Hicks, One Bad Son guitarist. Photo by Samuel Stevens Photography.

One Bad Son will be going on tour in the new year in Europe/UK and the United States of America which was talked about on stage after Shane said the “Made In The Name of Rock N Roll Fall Canadian Tour” was great and that the band want to take Canada with them everywhere they go to tour.

In conclusion, I personally think Rock N Roll isn’t dead, especially in Canada. As much as those kids at the show are going to be a part of it not dying. I think One Bad Son are part of many bands currently in Canada, honestly the whole world even, that create a massive proof that Rock N Roll isn’t dead.

Just For Laughs Alternative Comedy Tour


By Samuel Stevens

“Welcome to the Just For Laughs Alternative Comedy Tour” rang out through the Burton Cummings Theatre followed by Nick Vatterott, the host of the evening making his way on stage. Nick begin making jokes about restaurants for about approximately 10 minutes that I personally didn’t find too funny. I’ll admit I did chuckle at a few, so maybe I did enjoy them to some extent. Nick ended his routine by sharing a plethora of texts he and a wrong number exchanged recently. A majority of these texts are what really started to give me some good laughs just as Nick brought the first main act of the night, Rhys Darby, to the stage.

Rhys Darby is best known for his roles in Yes Man, Flight of the Conchords, Wrecked, voice roles such as Bibbly in Trolls, and Coron in Voltron: Legendary Defender. He will also be starring in the upcoming remake Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle alongside Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Jack Black, and Karen Gillan, in theatres this December. Rhys’ routine was full of physical comedy and the use of sound effects. Rhys has a talent to do sound effects with his mouth. Rhys’ miming of a robot and his sound effects of the robot were an instant classic for me. Rhys’ miming of a robot was more robotic than an actual robot could manage. What seemed like only a matter of minutes, Rhys finished his routine.

Nick Vatterott returned to the stage for about 5 minutes. I wasn’t able to make much out of what he was saying, but it was something to do with a journal. Nick finished up quick to introduce the man of the hour to the stage, T.J. Miller!

T.J. Miller is best known for his roles in Yogi Bear, Deadpool, Silicon Valley, voice rolls such as Tuffnut Thorston in How to Train Your Dragon 1& 2 , Fred in Big Hero 6, and Gene in The Emoji Movie to name a select few. His most recent release is his brand new and second stand up special, Meticulously Ridiculous on HBO. T.J. will be starring in the upcoming films, Ready Player One, Underwater, Deadpool 2, and How to Train Your Dragon 3.

T.J. Miller’s routine was something else. It was hysterical, he entertained the crowd in many ways. Telling simple jokes, physical comedy by constantly bringing out a trombone, which he just purchased two days prior to the Winnipeg show, on stage to use as his rimshot sound effect, as well as constantly joking around with the guy working the spotlight that night. T.J. was heckled by a few people in the crowd throughout the evening, but he handled each one well and would heckle them right back.

I noticed during T.J.’s routine, he would get lost from his jokes quite easy, by just going off subject or just all the heckling. He would noticeably try to get back to the subject he was on at some point as soon as he could. T.J. ended his routine with a little miming skit, which involved drinking and pouring beer all over himself.

Rhys Darby, Nick Vatterott, and T.J. Miller (left to right). November 10th 2017.

After T.J. left the stage, a voice over the P.A. system announced Nick Vatterott, Rhys Darby, and T.J. Miller back to the stage. They requested the crowd to take some pictures to post on social media and posed in ways they did previously in the evening during their routines. This lasted about 2 minutes before Rhys walked up to the mic, to jokely announce he is going to be doing additional 20 minutes. Rhys then specified, “I’ll definitely be coming back and hopefully during your Summer!”

After the show a group of people, myself included, met Rhys Darby and T.J. Miller. Both guys were classy to us all. They even posed for pictures with everyone, signed some stuff for some others. T.J. and Rhys took as much time as they could handle the not so seasonally cold wind.

In conclusion the whole night was a blast! All the laughs I had and even getting to meet the comedians after the show was an incredible experience. I’ll be waiting over here bundled up and staying warm until Rhys Darby and T.J. Miller make their way back to Winterpeg.

Silverstein, Seaway, Cedar Green – The Dead Reflection Tour

By Samuel Stevens

DSC_0944 copy.jpg
Cedar Green Vocalist, Joey Volpe. Photo by Samuel Stevens Photography.

The recent drop of temperature in Winnipeg, plus the recent snowfall wasn’t stopping fans from coming out to see some of their favorite bands perform on a Tuesday night. The show was opened up by the debuting local band, Nice Cops. Nice Cops delivered a fun set full of powerful and catchy Pop Punk tunes.

Second band of the night to hit the stage was Cedar Green hailing from Philadelphia, PA. They sure did get the crowd warmed up for Seaway and Silverstein. The band stood out boldly on stage because of vocalist, Joey Volpe’s brightly coloured shirt full of flowers. Cedar Green played a solid Pop Punk set.

DSC_1051 copy.jpg
Seaway vocalist, Ryan Locke & guitarist, Andrew Eichinger. Photo by Samuel Stevens Photography.

Canadian’s own, Seaway were the next to perform Tuesday night. Opening right up with their hit, “Slam” from their 2nd album, “Colour Blind” before performing a few new tunes for the Winnipeg crowd. Seaway seemingly knew what the crowd wanted to hear.

Seaway is currently on the road touring their recently released 3rd album, “Vacation”. Vocalist Ryan Locke, before their set came to an end was sure to inform the crowd that the band will be back again in the Spring.

DSC_1113 copy.jpg
Silverstein members Josh Bradford, Paul Koehler, & Shane Told (left to right). Photo by Samuel Stevens Photography.

Lastly Silverstein, also hailing out of Canada are currently on the road touring their 9th studio album, “Dead Reflection” which was released all the way back in July. Silverstein belted out fan favorites such as, “Bleed No More”, “Your Sword Versus My Dagger”, “Ghost”, and “My Heroine” to name a few of plenty. Many songs on Tuesday night’s setlist sure pleased the crowd. The band tried to perform something off every one of their previous releases while playing some new ones as well. The one that stuck out most to me was, “The Afterglow”. About to go on 18 years as a band, Silverstein proved that they’re here to stay and that there’s much more to come in the future.

Silverstein will almost immediately be hitting the road again after their current North American tour to return to the UK to end the year off. At the beginning of 2018 they have a big tour lined up with Tonight Alive, Picturesque, and Broadside of the United States.

K.I.D – Poster Child EP

By Samuel Stevens

Rating: 8.0 out of 10

Released March 24th 2017 by Universal Music Canada

On their new EP, “Poster Child”, K.I.D continues to prove that they’re an Alternative Rock band that needs to be taken seriously. K.I.D delivers four catchy Alt. Rock, Synth Pop infused tracks that allow vocalist, Kara Lane and instrumentalist Bobby Lo to shine beautifully.

K.I.D, which is abbreviated from Kids In Despair, originally formed in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. K.I.D is comprised of members Kara Lane and Bobby Lo. Kara and Bobby are close friends that met when they attended the same high school together. In the mid 2010’s K.I.D wanted to create a Garage Rock-style album and went on the hunt for a producer to develop this dream. This is when they met Mike Crossey, best known for his producing work with The 1975, Wolf Alice, and Arctic Monkeys, to name a few.

The lyrics of “Boy” are of a sexually suggestive nature about, as the title of the song says a, “boy”. Although not on the EP, about a month after the release of “Poster Child”, K.I.D released a new version of, “Boy” as a single featuring the up and coming Hip Hop artist, Cupcakke.

“Errors” features a darker side of the bands topics talking about crippling depression and how hard it can be to live with. While “Errors” does feature a darker nature, the production of the song is upbeat and catchy, featuring a lot of catchy melodies and synth over bass and drums.

“Taker” captures the essence of the bands Alt. Rock side. “Taker” is about a one sided relationship and asking the other person in the relationship when are you going to contribute to the relationship. As per the lyrics “Taker, taker, taker, taker, taker, when are you gonna, gonna give a little?”

“I Cannot Sleep at Night” is pretty self-explanatory. The song opens up with Kara singing, “I cannot sleep at night, my anxieties run high and they build up inside”. This song is about various anxieties that could keep you awake in bed at night. “I Cannot Sleep at Night” may feature one of the catchiest synth hooks on the EP.

K.I.D’s debut concept album, “Tired All the Time” will be out very soon. K.I.D has just recently released the singles, “Happy When I Cry” and “Elevator” off the upcoming LP. K.I.D’s upcoming debut is an album that should be worthy of watching for.

“Poster Child” proves K.I.D are not just another Alternative Rock band in the scene, but one to seriously watch out for. With countless catchy hooks, choruses, and covering various meaningful subjects within their lyrics, this EP will leave listeners wanting more immediately after the first listen. Kara and Bobby only get approximately 12 minutes on this EP to showcase their songwriting abilities and hit it out of the park. Kara’s vocal range shines across all four tracks. I’m certainly looking forward to what they will bring on their upcoming debut album, “Tired All the Time”.

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