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It’s Nearing Midnight

By Matthew Harrison

And I’ve very little worth saying. Perhaps I just don’t know how to say it. Here goes, anyway.

I feel failed by all levels of government except for my mayor, who I can’t help simply feeling bad for. I’m caught on only a few thoughts: How do we resolve the conspiracies and fear mongering boiling in the blood of so many? What is cooking South of my border? Are we atop too mighty a wave, looking down at an unpromising fixture of rocks we call Tomorrow?

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A Q&A With mxmtoon

By Matt Harrison

Brooklyn based soft-pop artist mxmtoon projects her mind lyrically as though she were confiding in a journal. At just 20 years old she finds herself living the dream after the release of dusk, her new EP. These 7 songs combine elements of acoustic and mellow-electronic sounds. On this EP are songs about strength in aloneness, being under quarantine, and the strength it takes to move on. This is a follow up to her previously released EP dawn and features Carly Rae Jepsen on the second track, ‘ok on your own’.

Oakland born, Brooklyn based artist mxmtoon. | Photo by Blythe Thomas.

The name mxmtoon was originally the title of an Instagram account the artist, Maia, used as an 11-year-old up and coming cartoonist. “[It’s] my initials, ‘MXMT’ with ‘oon’ added to the end in order for it to be a roundabout way of making a username to represent ‘Maia’s Cartoons’” she explained at the start of the interview. Writing from the age of 13 and publishing since 16, making music professionally has simply been “amazing.” The 7 songs on dusk carry a certain calm and restfulness that has long since been easy to come by.

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Cole Shway – Sleepwalking EP

By Matt Harrison

Sleepwalking is a four track EP that puts the musical talent and lyrical poeticism of Cole Shway on display. What listeners will find on this EP is a balance of gentle harmonies as he sings with authentic passion. Shway acts as master of the strings as he plays guitar, banjo, and bass in addition to singing on each track.

The soothing fluidity of Shway’s arpeggio guitar picking style makes this EP smooth and calming to hear. The album at times sounds as though it has a brush stroke of a psychedelic nature which further entangles listeners into these poems of self discovery. 

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