One Way Out – Red (Single)

By Samuel Stevens

Release Date: March 12, 2021

Genre: Rock

Label: Independent

The Washington, D.C. five-piece rock band One Way Out have readied their next single, “Red.” Their brand new single was written in the early weeks following the initial COVID-19 pandemic and tackles all the various feelings and situations that the band and everyone in the world confronted during the lockdown, such as uncertainty, isolation, and self-reflection. Following the release of their single, “Black Lungs (and a Broken Heart)” on January 1st, the band plan to release “Red” nearly one year to the day after the lockdowns first began around the world, prompting the listener to reflect on their own experience over the last year over a blues-rock backdrop.

Lyrically, “Red” is an immediate response to the COVID-19 pandemic as aforementioned, and it recollects the initial feelings and confusion surrounding the lockdown and the virus. Despite the negativity of the subject matter, the song’s hook emphasizes the influence of such a crisis to connect people throughout the world through the situation, with lines like “united by division” and “universal blurry vision.” The song also drew inspiration from a scene in the 1994 film The Shawshank Redemption.

“A scene that really stuck out was when Andy Dufresne starts blasting opera for the whole prison. They were locked up and we were locked down, but music was giving us hope to get through it,” recalls guitarist Jake Schaefer.

Musically, their new single draws influence from some of their favourite blues rock bands such as T. Rex and The Doors, to name a few. “Red” displays its roots with its bluesy chord progressions outlined by Giulio Iacoviello’s savvy bassline, Schaefer’s slide guitar, and keyboardist Ari Rubenstein’s smashing the keys of his piano. The band infuses their modern influence with sounds that include Josh Gaba’s screeching layered vocals, Geist Topping’s pounding drums, and distorted guitar through a talkbox effect pedal. Unlike their last single, “Black Lungs (and a Broken Heart),” which is reminiscent of a hard rock tune from the 1960s and 1970s, this new song takes a step down from the hard rock vibe, but the power it deals will still blow you away.

“Red” is another taste of plenty to come from this young, up-and-coming rock band from Washington, D.C. The track once again demonstrates their widely appealing songwriting technique of blending their old and modern influences into one exciting track. Please stay in touch with One Way Out by visiting their social media in the links provided below and pre-save “Red” before it drops on all major music streaming services on March 12th here.

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Check out more from One Way Out:

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Photo courtesy of Carter Louthian

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