Olivia Lunny – To the Ones I Loved EP

By Samuel Stevens

Release Date: August 28, 2020

Genre: Pop

Label: AWAL

Manitoba’s very own Olivia Lunny returns with her second EP, To the Ones I Loved. Every song on Olivia’s new EP has its own distinctive traits standing each of them out as their own. The four songs see their lyricism and their writing styles all tie each track into one another. As well, the songs on To the Ones I Loved touch on the various emotions that one feels with love and heartbreak. Additionally, the songs also cover how no love or heartbreak is the same to each individual person. To the Ones I Loved was co-written and produced by AJ Healey (Shaun Frank, Delaney Jane).

In February 2018, Olivia released her first ever self-titled EP, which can be listened to on her Soundcloud. It all led to many opportunities to perform all around Manitoba at venues, coffee shops, and more over the remainder of the year. Fast forward to February 20, 2019. Olivia had her big break for her music career. Which seen Olivia appear on CTV’s music competition show, The Launch. Olivia was seen showcasing her talents across Canada. The Launch is an unorthodox music competition show a part from the others. Varied musicians and bands from all across Canada had to impress the panel, were then all given the same prewritten song, record their own version of the song, and the winner received the single as their own released on to streaming services as the episode finished airing. Jann Arden and Shaun Frank were the episode’s guest mentors, who helped propel Olivia to win with her version of the Top 40 single, “I Got You.” Back in April of this year, Olivia was featured on the ArtistCAN’s version of the classic Bill Withers song, “Lean on Me.” The singles proceeds all went to the Canadian Red Cross towards its COVID-19 relief efforts. ArtistCAN’s version of the song featured Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber, Bryan Adams, Rush’s Geddy Lee, Jann Arden, Sarah McLachlan, Michael Bublé, Tyler Shaw, and many, many more Canadian talent.

To the Ones I Loved begins off with the track, “Think of Me.” Along side Olivia and Healey, the track was co-written by fellow Canadian pop artist Tyler Shaw. “Think of Me” was written the first time the two artists met in 2019 and originally was meant to be a duet with Shaw. The song is a post-break up anthem about a recent break up Olivia had pretty recently to the time the track was initially written. “Think of Me” has quite the apparent EDM production to its music and beat, but Olivia’s signature breathy voice brings the song’s overall emotion to the forefront. The next track is, “Something New,” which in any manner is exactly something new to Olivia, and the EP. The track features a sultry turn for Olivia’s voice, and shines the most than ever on the track. “Something New” builds to a become a major synth pop anthem by its chorus. The tune’s majorly infectious chorus alone could have had major potential for the song to have been a huge hit of the summer. “Something New” was co-written by fellow Manitoba musician Roman Clarke.

“Hold Me” is driven by a massive presence of acoustic guitar above large production before the beat ultimately overwhelms the guitar for the chorus. Olivia’s signature breathy voice returns once again on, “Hold Me.” The song explores the frustration that comes with a one sided situation where someone is giving their all to a relationship, but the other is taking it all without giving the same back. The EP’s final track, “Bedsheets,” takes Olivia back to her folk pop roots with an acoustic ballad with small production and minimal percussion. The song features Olivia’s original scratch vocal track that’s paired with the track’s instruments. Once again, Olivia’s signature vocal style and emotive voice convey the song’s true emotion. “Bedsheets” is the most fitting track to end the EP as it touches on the subject of growth, and even transformation after a break up. The song really is more about that growth of getting over someone after a break up.

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