The Jailbirds – Dull My Brain (Single)

By Samuel Stevens

Release Date: August 3, 2020

Genre: Rock

Label: Golden Robot Records

Over the last four years together as a band, The Jailbirds who hail from Mississauga, Ontario have been on a trajectory that’s only on it’s way up. As the band continues their success, the band is looking to become one of the many rock exports in recent years to come out of Canada. The Canadian rock trio is formed of vocalist and guitarist Myke Penney, bassist Liam Hills, and drummer Eric Parent. Both Hills and Parent also handle the band’s backing vocal duties.

Penney, Hills, and Parent were the winners of Best Rock Band at the 2018 Mississauga Music Awards, last year seen the release of their debut EP, The Black River, which has drawn a few comparisons to bands considered classic to modern such as Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Royal Blood and Alter Bridge. The Jailbirds are also heavily influenced from the likes of Guns N’ Roses, Van Halen, Deep Purple, and plenty more. These influences are immediately evident on the initial listen of their brand new single, “Dull My Brain.”

“Dull My Brain” follows their previous single, “Watery Grave,” that was released earlier this year. “Dull My Brain” is the band’s second single and the first track off their upcoming five song concept EP that is set for release later this year. “Dull My Brain” is chock full of classic rock inspired guitar riffs, a sludgy bass line, and ’80s hard rock vocals that when blended, give you a track that gives off the sense of both nostalgia and a hint of freshness to it all. Unlike the four songs off their debut EP, The Black River, the sound displayed on “Dull My Brain” isn’t as heavy toned and follows a more fun and energetic ’70s to ’80s rock vibe to it.

“Dull My Brain” shares the story of the EP’s main character through his struggles with addiction. The character is battling with the decision whether or not to quit smoking and doing drugs, on one hand he loves it, but on the other hand he feels that maybe there will be long term consequences for his actions if he continues doing so. Ultimately he is afraid that he might be hurting himself and the ones around him with his substance abuse.

The remaining tracks on The Jailbirds’ upcoming EP follows the character through many other instances of his life while battling with anxiety, depression, his love life, people that are also in his life that take advantage of his good nature, among more on the five tracks that will be released later this year on Golden Robot Records. All of the songs on the EP are said to stand on their own, but from beginning to end, the five tracks follow a linear timeline in telling it’s story.

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