Red Vienna – Tohmet EP

By Samuel Stevens

Release Date: April 3, 2020

Genre: Post-Rock, Alt. Rock

Label: Locust Hail

The Vancouver based three-piece, Red Vienna, return to the spotlight with a two track EP, Tohmet. The EP is a grim and haunting follow up to their 2015 full length album, The Book of Hours. Red Vienna was formed in 2010 by drummer Robbie Zgaljic (Sparkmarker, Black Halos), bassist/vocalist, Jahmeel Russell (ACTORS), while they’re joined by guitarist, Devin Boquist. Tohmet was produced by Jahmeel’s ACTORS band mate, Jason Corbett at his Vancouver studio, Jacknife Sound.

The album features two alternative rock/post-punk tracks “Evelyn” and title track, “Tomhet.” The pair of tracks pick up right where the band’s previous album, The Book of Hours, left off. The first track on the effort, “Evelyn,” was inspired by the photograph captured by Robert Wiles titled “The Most Beautiful Suicide.” While the image has been iconic for years, it’s quite the morbid and subtle image of a 23 year-old woman, Evelyn McHale, laying on the roof of a United Nations Limousine, taken on May 1, 1947, four minutes after she jumped to her death from the 86th floor observation deck of the Empire State Building. Where as the title track, “Tohmet,” is a song covering the similar topics of depression and hopelessness.

Tohmet beautifully captures various rock sub-genres in collective elements ranging from post-rock, alt. rock, shoegaze, and even in a little bit of punk. Although Tohmet is of a darker subject matter, there is still some positives you can be left with after listening. The album is for fans of bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Interpol, Killing Joke, and Failure, to name a few, and these band’s influence shines through brightly on both of the tracks, “Evelyn” and “Tohmet.”

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