The Sorority – The Pledge Tour Winnipeg

By Samuel Stevens

The Sorority had their Pledge Tour make a stop in Winnipeg, MB, on the windy and chilly night of May 9th, 2018. The all-female rap group out of Toronto, ON, performed to what appeared to be a near, if not completely, sold out crowd at The Good Will Social Club in downtown Winnipeg.

Marisolle Negash. Photo by Samuel Stevens Photography.

To open the night was local R&B/Pop artist, Marisolle Negash. Marisolle is also a pianist, which she put on display during her set warming up the Winnipeg audience with a stellar performance of approximately thirty minutes. Marisolle Negash is one to watch in the local scene so make sure not to miss her set on Saturday, June 16th in Old Market Square at The Cube for Winnipeg Jazz Fest. You can check out her music, music videos, and more on her website here in the mean time.

Haviah Mighty. Photo by Samuel Stevens Photography.

Following Marisolle Negash was the main attraction of the night, The Sorority. The Sorority was assembled just two years ago in 2016 after four female rappers based out of Toronto, Keysha Freshh, Phoenix Pagliacci, Lex Leosis, and Haviah Mighty were paired together to perform a cypher on International Women’s Day. For people who are unfamiliar with what a cypher is, it’s when a group of Rap/Hip-Hop musicians get together to freestyle with or against each other. The cypher mentioned above can be viewed below.

Lex Leosis. Photo by Samuel Stevens Photography.

The Sorority are currently on their Pledge Tour across Canada right now. Promoting their recent self-released debut album, Pledge, which was released just last month on April 13th, 2018. Winnipeg was the last stop of the western Canadian dates. The show’s attendance was mostly promoted by word of mouth. The show only being announced approximately a week before and drawing the attendance it did proves that word of mouth can still draw a promising crowd. The Sorority performed a hard-hitting and impressive set, performing songs such as Blacklist, West End (Yea Eh), East End (Dun Kno), their lead single and female empowerment anthem SRTY, and many more.

Their album is available now on any of your preferred music service, all of which can be found here. So make sure you check out these ladies’ brand new album out. They’re an absolutely must watch group this year. This is just the start for The Sorority.

Keysha Freshh. Photo by Samuel Stevens Photography.

Following The Sorority’s performance, the four members made their way to the merch table at the side of the room. They met with fans for quite a while, signing copies of their album on both vinyl and CD copies and taking pictures with the fans too, of course. When musicians meet their fans after their shows in any form, I gain a bigger respect for them. Seeing the group do this following their set, like quite a bit of up-and-coming artists tend to do, it put a smile on my face. Both Marisolle Negash and The Sorority had great performances in their own right. The crowd was visibly entertained by both musical acts and so was I. Hopefully The Sorority will be back to Winnipeg very soon for another great performance for old and new fans alike.

Phoenix Pagliacci. Photo by Samuel Stevens Photography.

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