Palaye Royale – Live In Winnipeg

By Samuel Stevens

While still riding the success of their 2016 debut album, Boom Boom Room (Side A), the self-described, fashion-art rock band, Palaye Royale finally made their way back up to their home country of Canada for a string of headline shows to perform for their Canadian “Soldiers of The Royal Council”. The band have performed in Canada a year ago this week opening for Good Charlotte on their coast-to-coast Canadian tour. The band did not perform alone in Winnipeg, opening the night was the local bands The Northern Royal and The Bloody Historians.

Palaye Royale vocalist, Remington Leith. Photo by Samuel Stevens Photography.

Palaye Royale performed many songs throughout their discography including, “Don’t Feel Quite Right”, “Mr. Doctor Man”, “All My Friends”, an astonishing cover of My Chemical Romance’s, “Teenagers”, a semi-acoustic version of “Ma Chérie”, “Get Higher”, and plenty more during an approximately hour-long set at The Pyramid Cabaret. The band actually performed a few new songs during the night as well. I do not intend to get the band in any trouble whatsoever, but they criticized their label for their follow-up album to Boom Boom Room (Side A) not being released yet. Hopefully their upcoming album Side B is released by the end of the year. The band also mentioned their booking agent nearly had them skip Winnipeg entirely on the Canadian leg of their tour and that the attendance and the noisy crowd had proved them right that the city shouldn’t have been skipped on the tour.

Palaye Royale guitarist, Sabastian Danzig. Photo by Samuel Stevens Photography.

At the end of last year the band’s musical talent was brought in and featured on the indie flick, American Satan, which is directed, written, and produced by their label Sumerian Records’, CEO and founder, Ash Avildsen. The movie stars Andy Biersack, the vocalist of Black Veil Brides, Malcolm McDowell, John Bradley of Game of Thrones fame, Ben Bruce, the guitarist and vocalist of Asking Alexandria, and many more. The film follows a band, half from the United Kingdom and half from the United States who move to Los Angeles and make a deal with the devil in their dream of making it big. Palaye Royale’s vocalist Remington Leith is primarily featured in the movie as Andy Biersack’s on-screen singing voice in the movie’s band, The Relentless. The movie spawned both an original soundtrack and a ten track album featuring music from The Relentless, both are out now, including the movie, for purchase and streaming.

Palaye Royale drummer, Emerson Barrett. Photo by Samuel Stevens Photography.

Following Palaye Royale’s performance, the band admirably met every single fan for what seemed like at least thirty to forty-five minutes, inside The Pyramid Cabaret at their merch table for the low price of just a hug, or two, or even maybe three. The Northern Royal, The Bloody Historians, and lastly, Palaye Royale all had fun and energetic sets in their own right. The crowd was visibly rocked by the performances and so was I. As previously mentioned, Palaye Royale have been to Canada before and hopefully again quite soon on the touring cycle of their upcoming album Side B.

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