The Iron Maidens & Metal Gods – Live @ The Burt

By Samuel Stevens

The frigid weather wasn’t keeping away Winnipeg Metal fans from bracing the cold and filling up the Burton Cummings Theatre to see the local Judas Priest tribute band, Metal Gods and the band who are considered the “world’s only female tribute to Iron Maiden“, The Iron Maidens. This past weekend, The Iron Maidens took on a two night mini tour of the Prairies of Canada with shows in both Winnipeg, Manitoba and Regina, Saskatchewan.

Metal Gods (Judas Priest Tribute Band)

The local Winnipeg band, Metal Gods were the first band to be welcomed to the stage and performed an assortment of Judas Priest covers. All five members of Metal Gods fully commit when performing, even right down to dressing up in the classic look of the band. Which includes full leather outfits with a plethora of metal studs. The band looked like they wanted to resemble what appeared to be approximately the 1979–1989 line up of Judas Priest.

I noticed many members of the audience were quite into the bands set, as early as the first song. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to me, Judas Priest are as well known as Iron Maiden in the Metal music scene. Especially when Metal Gods closed their set with the notable fan favorite and I’d like to say, classic Judas Priest singles, “Breaking The Law”, “Living After Midnight”, and ending with, “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming”. The audience even welcomed the band with a standing ovation as their set came to a finish.

The Iron Maidens - Nikki Stringfield

Next to hit the stage was The Iron Maidens, an all female Iron Maiden tribute band from Los Angeles, California, who are currently gathering quite the international recognition. Starting the set off with a bang, The Iron Maidens performed “Aces High” and “2 Minutes to Midnight”. The two singles off the album, “Powerslave”. Other fan favorites/singles performed by the band throughout the night included songs such as, “The Trooper”, “Fear of the Dark”, “Number of the Beast”“Hallowed By Thy Name”, among many others. The Iron Maidens did not forget to dig deeper into the Iron Maiden catalog to perform many deep cuts as well. Some of which are considered to be some favorites among the Iron Maiden fan base. These songs performed included “22 Acacia Avenue” and “Phantom of the Opera” to name a few.

I loved that the band even replicated the standard Iron Maiden stage show and brought out a “Somewhere in Time” album era Eddie the Head, the iconic Iron Maiden mascot, during the song “Wasted Years”. The song is featured on the forementioned album. The band’s performance also featured a costume change during “The Trooper” by vocalist, Kristen Rosenberg, also known as, Bruce Chickinson. Sporting a red and white army jacket, resembling Eddie the Head on the single artwork for “The Trooper”. As well as waving around a Union Jack and later on in the song, a Canadian flag. A beast wandered on stage during, “Number of the Beast” at the most appropriate of times. Lastly, a classic Eddie made his way on stage during the bands encore performance of “Hallowed By Thy Name”.

Both Metal Gods and The Iron Maidens had fun and energetic sets. The crowd was visibly rocked by their performances and so was I. It’s rather disappointing that both of their performances came to an end so quick, as a dueling guitar solo can come to a slowing finish. I don’t know if it was The Iron Maidens first time playing anywhere in Canada, but it was absolutely the bands first ever show in Winnipeg, Manitoba in the 17 years the band currently has run. Drawing a sell out crowd, I’m sure The Iron Maidens will be back very soon to play in front of the Winnipeg fans once again.

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