THE DEAD REFLECTION TOUR: Silverstein, Seaway, Cedar Green

By Samuel Stevens

DSC_0944 copy.jpg
Cedar Green Vocalist, Joey Volpe. Photo by Samuel Stevens Photography.

The recent drop of temperature in Winnipeg, plus the recent snowfall wasn’t stopping fans from coming out to see some of their favorite bands perform on a Tuesday night. The show was opened up by the debuting local band, Nice Cops. Nice Cops delivered a fun set full of powerful and catchy Pop Punk tunes.

Second band of the night to hit the stage was Cedar Green hailing from Philadelphia, PA. They sure did get the crowd warmed up for Seaway and Silverstein. The band stood out boldly on stage because of vocalist, Joey Volpe’s brightly coloured shirt full of flowers. Cedar Green played a solid Pop Punk set.

DSC_1051 copy.jpg
Seaway vocalist, Ryan Locke & guitarist, Andrew Eichinger. Photo by Samuel Stevens Photography.

Canadian’s own, Seaway were the next to perform Tuesday night. Opening right up with their hit, “Slam” from their 2nd album, “Colour Blind” before performing a few new tunes for the Winnipeg crowd. Seaway seemingly knew what the crowd wanted to hear.

Seaway is currently on the road touring their recently released 3rd album, “Vacation”. Vocalist Ryan Locke, before their set came to an end was sure to inform the crowd that the band will be back again in the Spring.

DSC_1113 copy.jpg
Silverstein members Josh Bradford, Paul Koehler, & Shane Told (left to right). Photo by Samuel Stevens Photography.

Lastly Silverstein, also hailing out of Canada are currently on the road touring their 9th studio album, “Dead Reflection” which was released all the way back in July. Silverstein belted out fan favorites such as, “Bleed No More”, “Your Sword Versus My Dagger”, “Ghost”, and “My Heroine” to name a few of plenty. Many songs on Tuesday night’s setlist sure pleased the crowd. The band tried to perform something off every one of their previous releases while playing some new ones as well. The one that stuck out most to me was, “The Afterglow”. About to go on 18 years as a band, Silverstein proved that they’re here to stay and that there’s much more to come in the future.

Silverstein will almost immediately be hitting the road again after their current North American tour to return to the UK to end the year off. At the beginning of 2018 they have a big tour lined up with Tonight Alive, Picturesque, and Broadside of the United States.

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