Crash Test Dummies – Jeux du Canada Games 2017 Reunion Show

By Samuel Stevens


“Please welcome to the stage, something I thought I’d never say, Winnipeg’s own Crash Test Dummies!” yelled host Ace Burpee.

For the first time in seven years, Crash Test Dummies reunited with their original line up and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra for one night only at The Forks Stage to close out the Manitoba Night line up of the 50th Jeux du Canada Games 2017 Festival.

I can’t describe the feeling that night at The Forks of the thousands in attendance when they hit the stage. They opened up the set with, ‘God Shuffled His Feet’, the first track on their sophomore album that shares the same name. There was something eerie about a crowd erupting in such loud cheer and applause for a band that has been on hiatus for several years.

Hearing Brad Roberts deep voice over top a majority of the WSO was something beyond special to have experienced. The two blended in a way I can’t find the words to describe. It was one of those things that is best experienced by being there in the moment.

Mid way through the set Crash Test Dummies performed their hit, ‘The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead’. Best known from the Dumb and Dumber soundtrack released in 1994, which primarily features Ellen Reid on lead vocals. This song stood out of the whole set as I grew up always hearing this song as soon as the VHS of Dumb and Dumber would hit the credits and I’d leave it on, just to hear the song. After hearing this song countless times throughout growing up, it was super special to hear live and in person.


I don’t recall when during the set but Brad Roberts said, “It’s a great deal to have a reunion in front of a hometown crowd with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra behind them”.

Throughout the night the band, which consisted of Brad Roberts, Dan Roberts, Ellen Reid, Benjamin Darvill, Mitch Dorge, and Stuart Cameron, performed  hits such as, ‘Superman’s Song’, ‘Swimming In The Ocean’, ‘Androgynous’, ‘Keep a Lid on Things’, ‘Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm’, and finally ‘Afternoons & Coffeespoons’ as the sole song performed during encore.

What seemed like immediately after the Crash Test Dummies finished their set, the night was then capped off with a big fireworks display by the festival directly behind the stage, to the right of the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. A beautiful send off to end such a beautiful band reunion.

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